FFrequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t the Hyde Amendment already prevent taxpayer dollars from going to abortions?

The Hyde Amendment prohibits the funding of abortion by the federal government except in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. It does not affect the state funding of abortion.


Would this ballot question defund Planned Parenthood?

Not specifically. They may still receive state funding, but funding will no longer be sent to them to reimburse them for abortions, which is the largest part of their revenue stream. Therefore, this question has potential to very adversely affect Planned Parenthood in the future. (And that is why Planned Parenthood filed a legal opposition against it in 2015.)


How much taxpayer money from Massachusetts goes to funding abortions?

Massachusetts spends over $2 Million each year on abortions alone.


Why do we need a constitutional amendment instead of a regular initiative petition?

In 1981, the Supreme Judicial Court created a right to taxpayer funding of abortion, finding it within the Massachusetts constitution. Our initiative petition seeks to remove that discovered “right.”


Can my church legally collect signatures during services?

Yes! Your church has a constitutional right to take a stand relative to an issue or ballot question. Signature collection right in the pews is 100% legal. For further information to present to your pastor from the Alliance Defending Freedom,
click HERE.


What about other locations? Can I collect at grocery stores and shopping malls?

Yes, while it’s a good idea to ask permission or reserve a spot ahead of time (so you’re not competing with the Boy Scouts, etc…) signature collection in public places cannot be prohibited, and you especially cannot be turned away from plazas where others have collected signatures in the past based upon the CONTENT of the petition. If you have any problems, please simply contact us and our attorneys will remind store management of your first amendment petition rights.