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        The Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion was founded in 2015 with the goal of stopping taxpayer subsidized abortions in Massachusetts. The Alliance’s Chairman is Attorney Thomas M. Harvey.


        In the past, the Alliance has attempted to gather enough signatures on a petition to place on the ballot the issue of taxpayer funded abortions. However, this year, 2021, we have decided to instead assist the Massachusetts Newborn Protection Coalition with its petition to reverse the most outrageous aspect of the Roe Act which was passed by the MA legislature in December of 2020: the allowance of passive infanticide of babies that survive botched abortions.


        The petition’s summary states: This proposed law would require that, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, all reasonable steps in keeping with good medical practice be taken to preserve the life of a child born alive, regardless of the manner of birth. 


         We need to collect 80,239 certified signatures between mid-September and November 17, 2021. To obtain that many certified signatures, we need to obtain well over 100,000 raw signatures. If we can obtain enough signatures, then we will be able to get the matter on the ballot for a vote by the people in the statewide election in the Fall of 2022. In this way, we can bypass the pro-abortion MA legislature. 


            Please join our team. We already have over 1,000 volunteer signature gatherers but we need more. Sign up to volunteer to help or donate today!


For general inquiries e-mail:

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